3 Access Control Mistakes That Compromises Your Overall Business Security

13 May 2022
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Controlling who enters and leaves your store is the first step to enhancing your business' security. However, there are various access control systems in the market, and getting the right one for your business can be difficult. Remember that each business is unique and has different security needs. So, your business needs an access control solution suitable for its current needs and can grow with it. Unfortunately, many business owners make many mistakes when choosing, installing, or running their access control that compromise the business's safety. Read More 

Benefits Of Installing Surveillance Cameras

3 February 2022
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Video surveillance systems are becoming increasingly popular among businesses and homeowners. They provide a functional security system that safeguards premises and reduces security costs since they require minimal labor to operate and monitor. They also collect video evidence to help identify and apprehend offenders and solve crimes. For those who are still skeptical about installing surveillance cameras, here are some advantages they offer: Crime Prevention  Business owners know they need to protect their businesses against avoidable losses or damage to their property. Read More