3 Access Control Mistakes That Compromises Your Overall Business Security

13 May 2022
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Controlling who enters and leaves your store is the first step to enhancing your business' security. However, there are various access control systems in the market, and getting the right one for your business can be difficult. Remember that each business is unique and has different security needs. So, your business needs an access control solution suitable for its current needs and can grow with it. Unfortunately, many business owners make many mistakes when choosing, installing, or running their access control that compromise the business's safety. The article highlights some errors you can easily avoid by seeking help from professionals.

1. Buying Outdated Technology

When choosing the ideal access control solution for your business, investing in traditional systems may seem more cost-friendly. However, you will slowly realize that using and maintaining such systems is expensive. For instance, finding spare parts that are no longer being manufactured is challenging and costly. Moreover, your business will not be safe from the modern hacking techniques that criminals use today. For this reason, it is best to choose newer technology that relies on fingerprints and facial recognition to enhance security.

2. Taking Shortcuts During Installation

The initial step of setting up access control is not easy, and you might choose to take shortcuts. However, it is important to give each user access depending on their roles and functions in your business to avoid issues down the line. So, start by conducting an access control audit to determine which rooms each person should have access to. For instance, your receptionist does not need access to the security room where you view your CCTV feeds.

3. Ignoring Notifications or Alerts

Modern access control devices often send notifications to your phone or trigger alarms when someone tries to access an unauthorized area. However, these systems can sometimes have glitches that set off these alarms when there is no security threat. After a few glitches, you may choose to ignore these alarms. However, that is a huge mistake as these notifications can often show the sections of your system that need fixing. So, take each alert you get seriously and determine how you can prevent such issues in the future.

A reliable access control solution can help enhance overall business security. However, if you make the mistakes above, you will be compromising safety and security. For this reason, it is best to work with experienced professionals who have installed such systems before to ensure you get the best system for your business. These professionals will also help you set up access for each role and conduct routine maintenance to ensure your system is always effective.