What Benefits Are Associated With Installing Dome Cameras At Home?

10 July 2020
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Have you decided to install security cameras in your home to improve safety? Your residential property needs to be safeguarded since this is where you and your loved ones live. One of the things you will notice once you start searching for security cameras is that they come in different forms, with the main ones being bullet or dome cameras. If you are a first-timer, you'll find it challenging to pick which type to get since you don't know much about their benefits. Here are some of the pros you'll enjoy when you opt to get dome security cameras.

Variety of designs and sizes to choose from

As you shop for dome security cameras, you will realize that they come in various styles and sizes. Some are vandal-proofed and armored, making it difficult for anyone to damage or block them and enter your home. This can easily discourage the burglar from breaking in. Others come with night vision capabilities and infrared to give you clear clips regardless of the time. If color is something you always consider before buying anything in your home, you won't be disappointed. Dome security cameras come in a wide range of colors, so you can pick the one that matches your home. Just make sure that you know your objectives and space requirements before visiting the potential suppliers.

Wide viewing angle

Another unique feature that dome cameras possess is the ability to cover a wide area at the same time. These cameras have cameras that can expand the viewing field to 180 degrees or more, a benefit you will not typically enjoy when you get bullet shaped cameras that target a designated area. What's more, dome cameras can be used in pan-tilt-zoom configurations, enabling them to rotate vertically and horizontally. These multitasking capabilities will provide exceptional surveillance and quality videos.

Inability to tell the camera's direction

Most of the standard security cameras you will find in the market today target one position when installed, or they rotate visibly and predictably. Intruders can take advantage of this and access your home when the camera faces the other direction or identify blind spots and break in. Dome security cameras are usually covered with an opaque dome, making it difficult for someone to know the direction the camera is facing. This discourages people from breaking in since they cannot block the view. Besides, the smoked glass doesn't impede the footage quality, so you'll see everything clearly.

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