5 Ways Access Control Systems Help Your Business During The Pandemic

12 May 2020
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For any business, controlling who has access to where is a key element in protecting the company, its employees, and its clients. But in the era of the coronavirus pandemic, access control is even more important. Why? Here are a few of the most important ways that good access control systems help you in 2020.

1. Secure Shuttered Sites. Many businesses have had to pause their operations during government-mandated 'lockdown' periods. They are likely to have to deal with this again during future outbreaks. A temporarily closed location, building, or section needs to be properly secured against theft, vandalism, loitering, and destruction. 

2. Control Occupants. Limiting how many people are in any given area is one of the key requirements for 'social distancing' that most businesses will have to provide. Access control — particularly using digital systems like codes and card entries — lets you allow in only those who are authorized and only at times you authorize them. You can use such systems to limit employees to certain shifts, to know how long they are in areas, and to easily increase or decrease numbers. 

3. Install Touchless Options. The fewer shared surfaces everyone must touch, the better. Modern touchless security features help. An automated door paired with card readers permits entry without touching handles, keys, knobs, or pads. You might use a monitored camera to allow entry into certain areas remotely. And magnetic doors can be left open when tied to a security and fire alarm system that closes them immediately in an emergency. 

4. Add Screening. While screening of customers, vendors, and employees isn't a perfect science, your security system can help. Install thermal cameras at entries and exits to help weed out anyone who may have a fever. You might also have a remote screener operating from a different location ask people questions relevant to their coronavirus exposure. 

5. Provide Aid for Employees. What can your employees do if they have a disgruntled customer or someone who refuses to comply with safety protocols? Boosted security options, such as panic buttons and the ability to lock interior doors remotely, can help everyone feel safer and more in control. 

Would your business benefit from any or all of these key features of modern security systems when battling the coronavirus? If so, get started today by making an appointment with a security company in your area to learn more about your options.