Video Surveillance System Tips For Homeowners

4 March 2020
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Single-family homes are some of the easiest targets for criminals. They are not attached to any other structures, and so the criminal faces a smaller risk of getting caught. Another reason why criminals sometimes target houses is due to many of them having privacy fences that can keep the criminals hidden while they are breaking in. Unfortunately, sometimes criminals break into homes and commit crimes that involve more than simply stealing, as they can become violent as well. A step that homeowners can take to decrease the chance of their home being broken into is to invest in a video surveillance system and make it known that it is in place. With the right type of video surveillance system in place, your household will feel a lot safer.

Consider Cameras with Night Vision

If you get high-quality cameras installed, they should be able to capture clear footage even if there are no lights around them. Installing lights near the cameras will lead to even better footage, but sometimes criminals will knock the lights out to better disguise their criminal activity. You can stay one step ahead of criminals by opting for a video surveillance system that comes with night vision cameras. Even if it is pitch black outside or inside your house, night vision cameras will be able to pick up any criminal activity that is taking place. The clarity of the night vision cameras will depend on the quality of the system that you have.

Get Good Security Coverage

The extent of footage that your video surveillance system is able to cover is very important. You should choose cameras that are able to cover as much of your property as possible. Cameras that are equipped with wide-angle lenses are the most ideal for capturing a large area. You can also choose cameras that are able to give you a 360-degree angle of your property. The larger the view that a single camera is able to capture, the fewer cameras you will need to get installed.

Look into 24-Hour Third-Party Monitoring

Other than choosing the right video surveillance system for your home, you should take additional security measures. For instance, you should have a plan in place for if someone breaks into your house but you are not at home. Third-party security monitoring companies are helpful in such situations because they will receive an immediate alert if your surveillance system captures unusual activity and triggers an alarm. The monitoring company is then able to promptly send the authorities to your home.

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