Ways Home Automation Is Changing Home Security For The Better

3 March 2020
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For many years, home security systems have been keeping people safe in their homes and protecting the properties they are installed in. However, home automation has advanced home security by leaps and bounds. Here is a look at some of the ways home automation is changing home security. 

Get an immediate view of who rings the doorbell. 

Smart doorbells are perhaps one of the newest ways that home automation is changing home security systems. These doorbells are designed with an integrated security camera. When someone touches the doorbell, your doorbell sends your phone a signal so you can see immediately who is asking you to come to the door. These doorbells can look very inconspicuous if you want this to be a secret thing, but they can also be designed for two-way voice, so you can both speak to the person at the door and hear what they are saying. 

Access your security footage from anywhere.

Log in at work and check out what is taking place in your kitchen, on your front porch, or in your backyard. Automated home security systems allow for remote access no matter where you may be at the time. You could essentially be traveling the globe and still know exactly who is hanging around at your home and alert authorities if something looks off. 

Only unlock doors to those who have access. 

Even door locks can be part of the modern automated home to help with home security. Just like you have a key fob for your car, you can have key fobs for your door locks or locks that only open when an occupant's phone approaches the door. These locks can be configured in many different ways. For instance, you can make it possible for the door to only unlock when you tap a button on your phone. 

Configure security lights more precisely. 

Sometimes, all it takes to deter someone who is up to no good is a little light, and for years, security systems have made use of that idea with motion-activated lighting. However, the automated home can have motion-activated lights that are far more advanced. For example, you can have lights that kick on and blink rapidly if an intruder approaches your home late at night. Or, you can configure motion-activated lights to only come on when a human form is sensed, so you do not have false alarms because a neighborhood cat walks through the yard. 

For more information, reach out to a company that offers home security in your area.